My delicate, suspender wearing wife.

Rogelio the scientist, to himself:

“Now, here we are at a loggers sports demonstration.  Not just entertainment, this will provide a unique opportunity to study the northern Canadian’s behavior.  Perhaps I can gleam some insight into my wife and her brutish nature.”

Rogelio the pragmatist: “Hmm, or maybe I’ll just stay out of her way when she is wielding a sharp object.”

Rogelio, the problem solver: “Perhaps she would feel more at home if I put a dart board in the living room?”

Rogelio the optimist: “Note to self, just be thankful she left her orange suspenders back in Canada.”



    1. OMG, I had to look in the dictionary to realize that some suspenders are sexier than others. Perhaps I should invest in some of the British variety. Because the Canadian ones are not a husband’s favorite.

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