Must Be Off Season

Oh look!  It’s the Spanish national soccer football team.  They must be doing some unusual off-season cross training because they usually don’t climb trees while wearing rubber boots.

Or pick cucumbers.

But it’s nice to see that they still enjoy congratulatory hugs, even for scoring some fresh vegetables.

If we listen closely we might catch some of their strategy.  Some nuggets of wisdom from the world’s best.

“Hey, I think I see a Dutch guy in an orange jersey.  Let’s get him!”

“Man down, call the trainer.”

“I’m not sure about the condition of this field.”

“Rubber boots, my friend.  I told you, rubber boots.”

Fascinating.  You know, the whole team looks a lot blonder and younger in person than they do on TV.

But, then again, don’t they call number 9 “The Kid”?

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