Pregnancy, perogies and polygamy

I’m pregnant!

The first trimester has not been so kind to me this time around.  Nausea, exhaustion, the usual complaints.  But now that I have turned the corner into the second trimester I am hoping for smoother sailing ahead.  But one issue remains as a result of a rough first three months.

It looks like I’m having twins and that embryo number two implanted itself on my ass.  It was the perogies.  People say that when they have morning sickness they can’t even look at food.  I couldn’t stop eating.  Huge platefulls of perogies were my demise.  Carbohydrate bombs dripping with fried onions and bacon, topped with snow bank sized wallops of sour cream.

It was embarrassing.  I out ate my husband.   I out ate my cousin-in-law Steve.  Steve is a six foot-many inches professional athlete and WAS the official family eating machine.  Until I saddled up to the buffet.

I was ready to Indian leg wrestle him for the last of Nana Gwen’s chicken and rice, since laying down was the only thing I could do with my belly that full.  But, being a father of two himself, he knew better than to get between a pregnant woman and her carbohydrates.  He wisely backed off so I could chow down.

Steve, hands up, backing away slowly“It’s OK Rea, put the fork down and nobody will get hurt.  I’m stepping away from the rice.  Slowly, easy now.   See, the rice is all yours.  Just put the fork down.”

Speaking of donut based marital disputes, in his breastfeeding classic, “The Baby is a Mammal”, Michel Odent takes a refreshing view of polygamy.  Rather than the old song and dance about women being possessions that every rich man should have, he suggests that husbands are a pain in the arse, best dispersed among the many.  Rather than having her husband buzzing about like a hungry fly, Odent feels a pregnant woman deserves to pass her husband off to someone with more energy to deal with him.

In light of my carbohydrate needs he may have a point.  A temporary husband-free phase.  No one to fight for the last pancake in the morning.   No one to raise his eyebrows as you double fist the oatmeal at midnight.  No Spanish donut addict  stealing the last of the Tim Horton’s stash while you are sleeping.

Thanks, dear readers, for hanging in there with me over the summer.  All that carb scarfing and dry heaving didn’t leave a lot of energy for creative blogging.  But I so appreciate your taking the time to check in with Not So Spanish.  And I love your comments.  Keep them coming.

I hope your new September rhythms and routines and funky, fun and topped with sour cream.

Love Rea, Rogelio, Yago, and ? (so please send your English-Spanish compatible name suggestions).


  1. Hi Rea, just wanted to say that I love perogies too, with bacon, fried onions, butter and mushrooms. No sour cream though. These perogies account for some of my weight, although I try not to have them too often. Hope the next few months go smoothly for you! Love your blogs! Love Aunt Gail

  2. I think you ate double or triple of what Steve ate!

    Twins? Seriously?

    I don’t know how the Spanish could possibly misspell Rea… so no suggestions from me for names.

    Glad that you are feeling better! Love the blog.

  3. How exciting! One of my strong first-trimester impressions is of the monster hunger. And the incredible fatigue. Both felt totally foreign. It was kind of scary…so I can sympathize! I look forward to following along with your pregnancy and for now all the best on your way into trimester 2!!

  4. no shit, wow, and congratulations I think? were you serious about the twins?
    I still dont forgive you for not looking us up, but I guess you have a lot of people after you when you come to CAN.
    All the best, have a great pregnancy and keep us updated, I know you will.
    Tell me more…..

  5. WOO HOO!!! YEAH!!! Congratulations!!!
    Funny you mention perogies since that is what we had for dinner last night. I love them just as you do, sooooo delicious!!! Really really really hard to resist especially omg homemade.
    I say they are totally worth the big bum or twin bums or whatever you want to place blame on and name it. But then again I have had years and years of twin bum practice. There are just certain carbohydrates that should NOT be placed on the bad for you column. Funny, because you have know idea how many times Darius has said to me…Mom, just put the fork down, you will be okay, just put it down. LOL Spaghetti with meat sauce is a killer for me.
    You must need the energy…thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

    Oh I’m just so happy for you and Rogelio and BIG brother!
    But as I see it according to that fabulous Rogelio family tree you had made, should this baby also be named Santiago, or perhaps Maria. Either way hehehe, I’m thrilled for you….hey whats with June (some kind of hot to trot month or something?, some kind of Happy Anniversary sort of deal??)actually you think about it, your a wise gal…no sticky yicky summer to chaff your big ass through.

    1. p.s. Mom figures it won’t matter what you name the baby, if he/she is as adorable as Yago, any name will be fine. LOL Personally I’ve always been rather partial to Gabrielle or Gabriel.

    1. I like the name rafael, but since nadel won the us open, your poor kid could grow up being one of twenty Rafas in his grade one class.pick something a little different ,like say Engelbert HumperdinkSantos Marques—– O K— I will think on it some more.

  6. Congrats! So… you must have had a really good time then, back home for vacation, huh??? 🙂 Heh, I remember both my first trimesters, and not with any sort of fondness at all. Dry heaving all day long, and okay 5 not so dry ones, with the first one and severe lack of energy to the point of sleeping whenever possible with the second one.

    Good thing these things tend to get better as you go along. Of course, if you’re not lucky then they get replaced with things like an out of whack sacrum for the remainder of the pregnancy or some other annoying thing – but anyway, in the end it’ll all be worth it.

    Good luck with everything 🙂

    1. OH great, I’ll look forward to whack sacrum! It doesn’t seem quite fair sometimes, does it. All this for the opportunity to later passthem through a very small exit. Aren’t women amazing creatures?

  7. So many congratulations, Rea!! It looks like you have too much fun with Yago, you need another kid to absorb all that joy. Sorry about my silly name suggestions on FB. I’m partial to Fenna as a name, cuz that’s my niece. Or Freya. Cuz it would be nice if Yago had a little sister.

    So sorry to have missed you when you were here. I would like a visit next time you’re in Canada, please. i love your blog. xoxoa

  8. Congratulations to you both, or, I suppose all 4 of you now. 🙂
    That’s great news.

    I have no name suggestions, other than liking Bill’s suggestion. 🙂

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