My son, the installation artist

Yesterday it was polygamy, today it is clothes pegs.  Oh yes, never a dull moment.

If you are wondering if that is my an artsy abstract interpretation or just a blurry photo of some clothes pegs, the truth is it’s just a blurry photo of some clothes pegs.  Because I am not the artist. Yago is.

Actually, this is my laundry room.  OK, “room” is a bit of an exaggeration.  The laundry “area” perhaps, or laundry “zone” may be more accurate.  But I find the Spanish apartment laundry system quite ingenious.  In my kitchen I have a sliding door that you would expect to open onto a little balcony.  It actually opens onto nothing.  Just a railing that protects you from instant death as you hang your laundry off the side of the building, 8 floors up.

There is a partially bricked-in wall between our undies and the great beyond that allows air to flow, but breaks the wind and protects passing citizenry from a full view of our dirty laundry.  It isn’t much to look at, but it’s a great space saver.

The mesh screen, well that was put up when Yago came along.  It saves him from an 8-story free fall and saves the neighbourhood from a constant rain of clothes pegs.  It is Yago’s canvas.  While I hang laundry he works on his ever evolving art installation of clothes pegs on mesh.  His creative outlet gives me the luxury of at least 4 minutes of peace to hang wet clothes.

That’s the view from above.  My husband’s underwear and 8 floors of various neighbours’ undergarments blowing in the wind.  You see, the clothes peg art is a nice change of scenery.

One comment

  1. That is freakin’ genius!!!
    Never again would I pull muscles in my side trying to reach my laundry.
    Only problem I could foresee, I drop lots of things…for me I only have to hop off the porch and weed thru the tall grass out back to get dropped stuff. What if you “drop” something??? What happens if your nursing bra or perhaps your grannie panties get trapped between floors??? LOL Has this happened to you???
    Rea’s next blog entry….Laundry Tribulations

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