The View From Here

I hope the view from where you are relaxing this weekend is great too.  Mine is full of sun and sand.  Maybe yours will be a stormy west coast forest, a cozy sofa, or a bustling city park.  A crisp fall day with falling leaves sure sounds nice.

Whatever your weekend brings, I hope it brings you what you need.



  1. Very Nice….thankyou
    I truly wish the same for you.
    *and you are right about the stormy west coast forest. totally poured all day today.

  2. Yep, stormy west coast. A walk around Matheson Lake with two dogs racing through wet leaves, pine needles dripping, fog rising off the lake. The earth breathing a sigh of relief as it soaks the wet into the parched earth after a long hot summer. My skin doing the same. Yes, it brings me what I need.

    Though I’m not so sure it will feel like that after the walk, as there are two events in downtown Victoria this morning. A Global Mala for peace, good ol’ 108 Surya Namaskar and a rally on the lawn of the Legislature to stop them from raping another the piece of land, David Suzuki will be speaking. All in the rain.

    There. The view from here.


  3. We spent the day at the soccer fields watching the grandchildren; including Megan, Amanda`s 2 year old daughter. She loved all the people running around and between mouth fulls of Cheerios she cheered for her nephew`s and neices`.

    Father of Amanda

  4. We spent the weekend basking in a wonderful fall sun. We walked, we vistited the largest organic market in Switzerland and we ate cheese with bread. Afterwards, we walked in our mountains some more.

    I am happy you had a great weekend. I love the mountains but I love the beach, too!

  5. I spent Satuday at Girl Guide Camp and Sunday doing housework. Sunday was very gloomy and wet, so it wasn’t too bad to spend indoors. This also included digging out the winter wear and washing all the jackets, toques, mitts, gloves and scarves. I managed to get outside with my two year old to jump on the trampoline in the rain, and wrap up the sprinklers and hoses for the season.

    Sometimes I wish I could have the same view as you Rea but mine isn’t that bad 🙂

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