Cemeteries are the New Playgrounds

One of Yago’s favorite places is the cemetery.  Perhaps it seems like an odd choice for a play area but it has its amenities and attractions.

  1. Semi-wild cats  (always a crowd pleaser)
  2. Shade
  3. Flower delivery trucks
  4. Proximity to the skateboard park and Petanca Club

I don’t mind hanging out in the cemetary either.  It is peaceful.   Shady.  The other occupants don’t bother you with small talk.  There are lots of benches for tired pregnant ladies to rest on.  And in the concrete jungle of Algeciras at least you can always find flowers in the cemetary.

Mind you, lots of them are plastic.  But they add some color.

Did you check out the apartment style accommodation in a Spanish cemetery?  Even when going to the great beyond, most here can’t afford a piece of dirt of their own.



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