(Get me) Out of Africa

As I have mentioned, we live in the geographical arse-hole of Europe.  Africa is only about 20 km away across the Strait of Gibraltar.  All vehicle traffic to Africa passes by our front door.

In Tarifa we see really interesting vehicles camping out while they wait to cross the Strait.  Battle ready, suped-up desert vehicles equipped with water tanks and bicycles.  Generally they have German license plates and are populated by older, monied hippies.

Personally, I can’t imagine sleeping in an armored cargo hull for any length of time, but in my imagination they hang a hammock from a palm tree in the oasis and just keep their dry lentils and water purification tablets in the vehicle.

Tarifa is also a really good place to buy crap-heap home-made recreational vehicles from people, relieved to be off the dark continent, who don’t have gas money to drive them back across Europe.

Just in case you are in the market for such a vehicle.



  1. Well JJ, I guess you will just have to bring cousin-in-law Steve to Tarifa so he can go crazy home-made monster vehicle shopping. You are The Organization Queen, just put it on your list.

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