Happy Birthday Uncle Jamie!

This is my brother Jamie just after he tied the knot. Aren’t he and Yago looking sharp?  It was a great wedding weekend with plenty of food, drink and good company.  And of course,  a Yago adventure.

See the car keys?  See the look of intense planning?

“How can I get myself some alone time to drive that BIG RED TRUCK?  hhhmmmm”.

Not long after this photo was taken, Yago ended up in Jamie’s truck, the BIG RED TRUCK, merrily pushing all the buttons and knobs.  With all the festivities I didn’t really notice that he was holding Jamie’s truck keys as well.  Nor did I pay much attention when the truck door was closed to accommodate a passing car.  However, I quickly snapped-to when I heard an ominous, CLICK.

Yago had inserted the keys in the ignition. Then, he locked all the doors and windows.  So there he was pretending to drive that big red truck and nobody could stop him.  Best day of his life.  One more turn of the key and he would have been cruising down to the Tim Horton’s drive thru.

Soon a crowd gathered around the truck. Yago, oblivious to the state of diarrhea that Rogelio and I were in, was putting on a show for his audience.

Uncle Jamie was shouting directions from the other side of the glass.  “Push the button, no, not that one, the next one.,  No, not that one….

Yago played it up for the crowd.

“You want me to push that one?” Finger dangling over top.  “PSYCH!”

Then he’d fiddle with the wipers for a while and flash a big smile before continuing to taunt his mother.

“That one you say, that black button there?  “PSYCH.”

That went on for what seemed like hours but was probably five minutes before another gut-wrenching CLICK sounded.  The crowd cheered, Yago took a bow, and we went off to change a stinky diaper.

So, Happy Birthday Uncle Jamie and thanks for talking my kid out of your truck.  It beat breaking the window or explaining the situation to an expensive locksmith.



  1. Quite an amazing story! Happy Birthday Jamie!

    Don’t suppose there are any pictures of the great Yago Truck Acquisition escapade?

    1. The problem with getting photos of Yago’s more note-worthy adventures is that while in “the state of diarrhea” I never remember to pull the camera out.

  2. Certainly a story for the grandkids… :O)
    Probably a birthday Uncle Jamie won’t forget anytime soon.
    But seriously WHO? could resist a big red truck??

  3. I love this story. Some stories from two other pregnant Momma’s!

    Two cousins got locked in the car, and my friend couldn’t get them to push the button as they were already locked into their five point harnesses so she called 911. The Volunteer firemen came to let them out. She had to promise to supply them with chocolate chip cookies for life in exchange for not telling her husband (a volunteer firemen at the same station) that she had managed to put the two kids in their carseats, load the groceries, and then lock her keys in the car. Did I mention it was a 32 degree day in Vernon. EGADS.

    The second story, my friend managed to stay calm, her son stay calm, and she was able to slip into the house, get a coat hanger and bubbles. She blew bubbles while simultaneously using the coat hanger to jimmy the lock. Talk about self-reliant (and living on the poverty line). She said all she could think about was how much it would cost to get BCAA there and what other things she could do with that money. She said if there had been tears that would have been a different story…however amazing what truck exploration & bubbles can make seem like an enjoyable experience. At least from the inside of the glass.

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