When I have a little time to kill…

When I have a little time to kill, I am going to start making matching outfits for Yago and I.  Maybe Rogelio too.

Right down to shoes from the same fabric.  Perhaps it will help me fit in.

Do you think it will be difficult to make my own flip-flops out of Spanish football team jerseys?



  1. I think it is sweet. I remember in the 70’s that mothers sometimes matched homemade outfits in the States. I think that it is actually coming back “in style”…at least in the States…amongst those that can actually sew.

  2. im betting on the extended family being the ones with the time for that endevour.
    super cute though cant say i am a clothing pre planner

  3. The day you show me a photo with Yourself, Yago and Rogelio in matching pink flowered summer dresses and shoes is the day….sheesh I don’t know what I’ll do, laugh my guts out for sure!!!
    Do you remember couples walking down the street together holding hands usually mid-50’s wearing those Hudson Bay coats. The cream coloured blanket like ones with the bay striped.
    Boy did I think that was lame….
    Did you and Jamie have matching dresses??? I always thought mothers did that as a form of punishment to their kids either that or they got a majorily awesome deal on a bolt of fabric, so much fabric they even made curtains for the kitchen.LOL

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