My New Yoga Guru

If you live in Campo de Gibraltar and are looking for a yoga class I have to recommend Sylvia’s classes at Tarifa Eco Center and the Hotel Hurricane .  All last year we had a family Saturday ritual that involved a two-hour yoga class for me and some all boy beach time for Yago and Rogelio.   Follow it up with a smoothie it was a heavenly start to the weekend.  Unfortunately, a vigorous Vinyasa style class does not suit my growing whale-like pregnant body and my mornings with Sylvia are over for a while.

But as luck would have it, I found a fabulous new yoga teacher.

Do try to get a spot at the front of the class because he’s short and tough to see in a crowd.

His lack of clothing may throw off your concentration, but his inspired instruction makes up for it.

(Yes, I do have my bathing suit on under the shirt.  I know you are wondering.)

His teaching methods may seem unorthodox if you aren’t used to hands-on alignment,

But just look at that technique.



  1. Awesome form….and fun too. I love your new yoga instructor. He and his environment HAS to be more beneficial then any Bikrams Hot Yoga.
    That little bum did it for me…where do I sign up. (and I don’t even like yoga!)

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