Teenage mutant super surfers

Kids always find more interesting ways to enjoy their toys than the intended use.

As a kid growing up in the snow in northern Canada, we all had toboggans.  Of course we used them on the official course down the appointed hill, but that quickly got old.  Then they were used to surf off the neighbour’s carport and bumper-hitch behind cars.

Apparently beach kids have the same type of ingenuity and penchant for gravity and death-defying tricks.  But they do it without snowpants.

These guys brought their kites down to the beach to do some surfing.  Then I noticed them plotting around the lifeguard tower.

A little teamwork to control the kite up the ladder…

And now they can leap off tall buildings in a single bound.



  1. Thats hilarious! what a fabulous idea! though with the wind turbines in the back I did sort of think something terrible possibly was about to take place. Oh to be light enough to be held by a breeze and a kite!

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