Los Chozos

Perhaps you wondered why we weren’t blogging this weekend.

We spent a few days in the country with friends in a rented cabin at “Los Chozos“.  These are not Canadian cabins.  We enjoyed a luxurious but unique round rock cabin.  Of course, it was less than 100 meters from a point of sale of cold beer.

We hung out with our friends Alexandra, Oscar and Daniel.

We did some hiking.  Well, it was a little jaunt.  But at least we can say that we ventured more than 200 meters from the cabin at least once.

“Which way Yago?”

“Let’s follow those folks.”

Most importantly, we did lots of relaxing.  I guess if I were to be honest I should add that a fair amount of chocolate got eaten as well.

Yago and Dani played so well together.

They are close friends.

VERY close friends.


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