The Genius Speaks

Here is my son contemplating the cultural riches of Cordoba. Cordoba has it all:  Roman ruins, an important Muslim history and an ancient Jewish town crowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.    Today we were in the west’s biggest Mosque.  We visited a great Cathedral and even a synagogue, (although Yago slept in his stroller through the last one).

Cordoba was the birthplace of Seneca, as well  great Islamist thinkers such as ibm Hazm and the Jewish philosopher Maimonides.  The city maintains and promotes its rich cultural tradition and is nominated to become Europe’s city of culture in 2016.  I was excited to expose Yago’s impressionable young mind to such a potpourri of man’s great religious traditions.

See him there, contemplating 10th century muslim architecture?  He is obviously soaking it all in.  Feeling one with Seneca.  Beginning his journey as a Renaissance man.

So I  had great expectations for his pre-sleep monologue tonight.

This is what I heard.

Goo ga, baby talk, pick-pick-pick-pick-PICK-UP PICK-UP PICK-UP goo ga, more baby talk, back-back-back-BACK-HOE BACK-HOE BACK-HOE goo, go, repeat for 15 minutes.

No mention of Seneca anywhere.


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