These boots were made for hiking

What is that old saying about white after Labour Day?  Are there rules about white boots after Thanksgiving?  With black tights?

Or are these contraptions actually white leather leg warmers over white boots?  When is the official season for leather leg warmers?

If we were on a mountain in Canada and not a Roman bridge in Cordoba, I would assume that this gal was well prepared for gallivanting in the snow.  Those look like heavy-duty gaiters complete with steel stud boot attachments.  But the high-heeled cramp-ons are throwing me off.

So many questions.

I really need to get the “Dressing in Spain” instruction manual.  I am sure someone was taking pictures of me in my pink crocs, maternity jeans, and toddler decorated t-shirts.  Olive oil smears and boogers on your shoulders are always out of season and don’t help you reach the summit either.



  1. I love the “Canadian’s guide (and thoughts on) life in Spain!” And you are right, those would be a great start for life in the snow; perhaps the high-heal is just for punching through the ice-crusted snow? I wonder if they are snow-shoe compatible?

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