3 religions, 500 columns, 0 toilets

“The Mezquita” or the Great Mosque of Cordoba, has suffered a serious history of DIY renovation.  It started out in 600 AD as a Visigothic Cristian Church.  In 784 the Moors bought it outright and took the next two centuries to turn it into a Mosque and the crowning glory of the Al-Andalus empire in Spain.

The characteristic arches were refurnished out of salvaged Roman columns of Jasper, Onyx Marble and Granite.  The stripe idea was ripped off from Aachen Cathedral in Germany, who in turned ripped it off from the Dome of Rock.  I think I saw something similar in Martha Stewart last month.

Then, in 1236,  the Roman Catholics came along.  Waste not want not, they just plunked a cathedral in the middle of the existing building.  Imagine a brand new, ultra-modern kitchen in your Victorian character home.  But with more gold.

More literal than the Muslims, the Catholics built a tall bell tower to get a little closer to god.  I don’t think I’ve seen that on the Home and Garden Network, but then again, I have never seen “Extreme Homes”.

Every king that came along tinkered with the design.  Architects were still adding details late into the 18th century.

Fourteen centuries of trips to Home Hardware, over 23,000 square meters and 1.5 million visitors per year.   No bathroom.  Seriously.  You have to pee in the bar across the street.

What would “Holmes on Homes” say about that?

I enjoyed the quiet little synagogue down the road.  No construction and “you know who” was asleep.


One comment

  1. Beautiful photos….
    Love your descriptions…you certainly allow me to understand, old Mike Holmes would surely be pissed about where you have to eerr.. piss. I’ll ask mom she watches him ALL the time, I think she has a crush on him.

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