Patron Saint of Wimbledon

Cordoba is full of images of Saint Rafael.  I overheard a tour guide saying there are 82.  Wikipedia says there are 10.  I didn’t count.

Rafael was one of the seven archangels mentioned in the bible.  His name means “God heals”.  These days Rafael is busy protecting the city of Cordoba.

Spain’s modern Saint Rafael is “Rafa” Nadal, the current number one ranked tennis player in the world.  He has won the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open this year and is the youngest player to achieve the Career Grand Slam.

Apparently, Old Rafael is the Patron Saint of nurses, doctors, the blind and Catholic singles.  The references found on a quick google trip suggest if you are a Baptist or atheist single, you are on your own.

Rafael Nadal would make a great spokesman for Catholic singles hook-up website.  Great niche market.

Yup, a few more images of Saint Rafael and the church attendance might rise among young single women.


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