Take off (your underwear) eh.

I must apologize to my non-Canadian readers for all the Bob and Doug McKenzie references yesterday.  Perhaps a little video will introduce the uninitiated to Canadian male behavior.

Finding this video brought a tear to my nostalgic eye.  Stubby beer bottles.  Cases of Canadian.  Ear muffs.  Coleman stove.  And of course, plaid flannel shirts.  Oh, heart be still.

Bob and Doug will also articulate distinguishing features of an important northern icon.  Long underwear.

Deep, eh.   And they say Canada has no culture.

And if long underwear are not appropriate in your climate, this demonstration of how real Spanish men take off their tighty-whities might interest you more.

It’s a damn good thing that guy wasn’t wearing Stanfields.


One comment

  1. Beauty, eh? My two younger brothers (now a shocking 41 and 43 years old) used to tape themselves doing Bob and Doug imitations all the time. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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