More hot guys in plaid shirts

Canadians tend to get a bit worked up when we are mistaken for Americans.  We have a national inferiority complex, which when combined with our national identity crisis, leads to commercials like this:

Do you remember when Canadian beer put out these ads?




  1. I am American but I speak English. 😀 Loved the commercial. My French hubby and I seriously considered relocating to Canada. Somehow (and for the better -for us- at the moment) we ended up in Switzerland. I still want to visit Canada even if I don’t see myself ever returning to the US.

  2. Does Yago have a collection of plaid shirts so he can impress the Canadian girls when he comes to visit? And, is it hard to find a good plaid shirt in Spain? (I wonder if there is a booming export business from Canada? 🙂 )

  3. Always loved these commercials…
    There is the comedian Ron James (a little guy from NS) who goes on little rants like these. Hilarious, check him out!

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