Halloween, New Spanish style

Celebrating North American style Halloween is starting to become popular amongst Spanish kids.  It is actually the stores that promote it.   Plastic costumes and junky candy boost October sales.

The neighbours invited us on a trick or treating trip through the building.  They probably thought we were Halloween experts.

With the help of Mommy Otro Papi and a favorite book, we convinced Yago that whiskers and a stuffed sock stapled to his PJs would be tolerable.  I got stuck with the ears.

So the four kids in our building set out.  Slowly.  The parent to kid ratio was about 4 to 1, including all the Spanish parents, aunties, Grandmas and even Great-Grandmas, so by the time all the adults got organized and out the door, we started well after Yago’s bedtime.  But since the rest of the one-year olds don’t go to bed before 11:00pm, no one was too concerned.  Except me.

We didn’t add much authenticity to the event.  We just tried to stay out of the way.  Flabbergasted would best describe Yago’s reaction to the scene.

The Spanish kids had been eating candy since they woke up at noon and were spastic. They were all dressed in the same expensive elaborate Dracula costume.  One of the uncles was wearing a skeleton mask and screaming at them.   Each kid had a weapon and a plastic pumpkin bucket to hold the candy they couldn’t fit in their mouth.  When we arrived at each door the parents shouted “Chuche, chuche, chuche”  (Candy, candy, candy) until they got something.

Poor Yago had a sock pinned to his butt and my orange purse.

And I ate all his candy.


  1. I couldn’t agree more with Linda….sheesh Rea you kill me. Your story telling abilities take me right there to the scene of the crime. Absolutely hilarious. Though I am a little surprised that Yago had Otra Papi’s orange purse and not a good old pillow case.
    “CHUCHE CHUCHE CHUCHE!” too funny.
    Ahhh, I guess we have to give them an A for effort. But you guys look adorable! Never was much a store-bought costume sort of gal.

  2. P.S. Whats with the kid in the Dracula costume with the Viking horns hat and the pirate sword…..I say thats going to be one confused teenager. lol

  3. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying! That last picture sums everything up so perfectly. Halloween hasn’t come to Brazil yet, so my in-laws don’t really know what to think about our night out on the town, lol. I’m LOVING your blog!

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