The social outcast dilemna

We were excited for a moment.  A kid!  A kid and a Mom at the playground, and so early!  It was only 11:30am.

Yago and I perked up.  Perhaps they would want to be our friends.  We put on our best smily faces and tried to look inviting.  Approachable, but not desperate.

They walked right by.

Yago’s face dropped.  He went back to picking cigarette butts out of the sand.  I asked myself, where did we go wrong?

Now, in retrospect and with photo evidence I can examine the situation more objectively.  Our differences come into focus.

Yago and I did not have potato chips.  This is obviously key to friendships.  High heels, suspenders, boy tights and ever-present soother:  negative.

I saw no evidence of oatmeal on this woman’s clothing.  Where does her child wipe his hands?  No rock collections, no rubber boots, no raisins dropping from pockets to lead them back to whatever spotless environment they inhabit.

Their fear and disdain is apparent.

“Just keep walking Pepe.  Hopefully they won’t follow us home.”




  1. That is freaking hilarious! They both appear confused, maybe a little curious and definately a little bit frightened 🙂

      1. It’s a really cute look, but it’s not at all practical. I mean, honestly, how could you possibly get them to like having to wear it, and keep it clean? The poor child must never leave his mother’s side! …Great photos though, they’re awesome.

  2. Considering how well dressed her son is it surprises me that the mother doesn’t have jeans that fit a little better. Life must be rough when you’re so slender 🙂

  3. How does one avoid keeping their mother in law from dressing their male child in tights?
    I have years before I will face this issue, but I’ve already told MIL “NO.” A very firm no. I want grandchildren.

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