Pom-poms and man-tights save US economy.

One of the blogs that I follow is The Sartorialist.  It is eye candy for the fashion impaired.  He takes gorgeous photos of beautifully dressed people, often fashion industry types, but also just average folk on the street.  I love it because he regularly features elderly European men.

Recently, the Sartorialist was in Madrid catching gorgeous Spaniards styling up the streets.  So wasn’t I impressed to see him feature a Spanish baby boy!  I have something in common with a famous blogger!  Can you guess what that now famous baby boy was wearing?

Exactly what the little tykes in my neighbourhood wear.  Impossibly clean white things, formal shorts and pom-poms.

Beware North American Moms.  The Sartorialist was selected as one of Time Magazines top 100 fashion influences.  What he says goes.  Pom-poms and man tights are coming to a playground near you!

Photo via The Sartorialist


  1. Amazing, as a good Catalan, I was always convinced that Spaniards have a most weird sense of dressing, especially when dressing their kids, but this pic and some of the ones you have posted just prove to me how different Catalans are from your average Spaniard!

    Sunny regards from Barcelona!

  2. What’s wrong with pom-poms for little kids? I’ll bet that little Spanish boy has fun playing with them when he’s in a boring situation his parents have to drag him to. I for one, think they’re cute.

    CONGRATS on being freshly pressed!

  3. It will be a cold day in hell when my kids wear pom poms on their socks. Or clean white shorts.

    That little boy is just adorable in his outfit though.

  4. I absolutely love that that young spaniard can carry off pom-poms with flair! I think the trend may not translate well to US tots. Like foriegners sounding exotic when speaking broken English whereas Americans sound horrible when butchering a language not their own. =]

  5. OMG! I think that is one of the most adorable pics. I’ve ever seen! How cute! Lighten up people! How old is he, come on, let the Mom have a little latitude in the fashion dept. It’s not going to hurt anyone, he looks quite dapper!


  6. Love hearing about the Sartorialist. This handsome little guy is simply dressed somewhat like a toreador and picador. After going to my first bullfight last May in Madrid, let me tell you, those dudes are hot–they brought man-tights and pom poms to a whole new level.

    I’ve never seen such gorgeous people, as well as clothing–particularly children’s clothing– as in Spain. The Salamanca shops rival Italy, France and Britain. His outfit–including shoes–is probably at least $300.

    Congrats on Freshly pressed!

  7. His clothes, of course, are excellent.
    What strikes me most, though, is his face. What beautiful, hopeful eyes and what a glimmering face: he is the definition of “child’ and ‘innocence’.

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  9. There’s hope for me yet. However, why you haven’t featured me in my crocheted leg warmers, lace beret, lycra leggings and puffer vest are beyond me.

  10. So funny . . . I grew up in Zaragoza, Spain, thankfully before the day of pompoms. =) People there definitely dress up a lot more when they go out though, unlike Americans who (especially in college) sometimes leave their houses in PJ’s. I may or may not have ventured forth in PJ’s once or twice when I was a freshman, but I had the feeling all along that I was doing something terribly wrong. =)

  11. Congrats on being fresh pressed!

    Sweet! Pom-poms on little boys? Now that is certainly different. Will Americans take to this style, I wonder. It will be quite interesting to see. At least I’ll know when it pops up on the playground.

  12. This little boy is too cute. But as far as the pom poms, he pulled it off with the right outfit (shoes matching the socks and pom poms and a totally preppy outfit which I love). But, not every child/man will be “manly” enough to do so. You have to be careful with those pom poms…

  13. Only real men can wear tights AND pom poms. Cheers to this mini fashionisto…. And let’s hope he’s on his way to karate class…

    Best of luck on the playground, lad!

    Bridget and the Girls with Prius Envy

  14. I like the way he is dressed, I think he looks very cute.. The Spanish love to dress there small children in lovely clothes when they are little.. some of the chicest shops are children’s wear here.

  15. So adorable! I love your blog by the way… and I had never heard of the Sartorialist- checked it out- gorgeous photos of beautiful people..lol…

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