Forget Al Qaeda, Beware of Monkeys

Gibraltar.  England’s fortress in the Mediterranean and strategic jewel of the Empire.  The physical manifestation of military might and…

home of monkeys?

I was waddling through the streets, admiring the creative post-war architecture, when I exclaimed, “Holy hiney, Halle Berry, …”

“…Is that monkey mooning me?”

Yes, that is a monkey arse.  A heavily pixellated arse, because the pregnant lady can’t remember to check the settings on her camera, but yes, monkey arse all the same.

There were a whole gang of the little buggers climbing the balconies and scaffolding on this prime example of thoughtful military housing.  Imagine hanging your laundry and encountering this guy gallivanting through your pantyhose.

I was just trying to take a nice touristy photo of the family.  Not only did I have the camera on some wacky light setting, but Rogelio was doing his terrorist mug-shot impression and Yago would not look me.  He kept pointing above his Dad’s head excitedly.

“Papi!  Watch out Papi, that monkey is working up a spit ball.”



  1. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve heard about these monkeys before, it seems they’re running loose all over Gibraltar. I guess the people there have to watch out for more than just bird poop! ;D

  2. Having experienced a spitting monkey in the Phillipines, I believe a more accurate caption might be – “Papi! Watch out Papi, that monkey is getting ready to HOCK A LOOGIE.”

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