Algeciras Shore: The Situation

“Papi, is that you?”

“Ya, listen, we’ve got a situation down here at the beach.”

“No, she’s not going into labour.  It’s far more serious.”

“The Pooh Car is out of gas and I think we’re running low on raisins.  But I can’t be sure, it’s impossible to find anything in this damn diaper bag.”

“And no one will talk to us.  Mom thinks it might be because my hair is sticking up.”

“Ya, so don’t forget.  Hair gel and raisins.  And if you see some pancakes we’ll take those too.  Mom already ate everything else.”




  1. Yago is going to start getting a complex, nobody wanting to talk or play with him 🙂

    Seems like you have a wonderful life in Spain Rea. While I sit here in front of my computer at work this morning, watching the vehicles go by with snow on them, I see you have been enjoying the Spanish beaches and sunshine. I am definately jealous!!

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