The Coolest You’ll Look Pooping Your Pants.

I hate to dwell on the fact that I am a social outcast, but the truth is, I am just an animal in the zoo.  The neighbours like to stare at me, but that’s as close as they get.   But I shouldn’t complain.   My status has improved since Yago came along.  Luckily, the kid is blonde and pretty darn cute so even the snootiest neighbours like to ruffle his hair.   Even the old ladies aren’t rude enough to fondle my kid without at least offering a grunt in my general direction.

In my more melancholy moments I wonder,  Where have I gone wrong? What can I do to fit in?  I have learned the language, I buy pig fat at the local grocery, what more can I do?

The video below was my eureka moment.  Spanish folks love kids and snappy dressers.  These fashion gems are my ticket to social acceptance.

Do you think “Pooing in blue” will look good with my hair?  I sure hope they come in my size.

Thanks for the link, bluecloverbelle.



  1. That commercial is a hoot! My neighbor had a baby boy yesterday. Now I know the perfect gift.

    Good luck with the zoo animal thing. I felt that way when I went to law school. I’m from a small town in the American Southwest. The kind of place whose only real law is still natural selection. My classmates were urban trust fund types. For the most part, they either thought I was “quaint” or some form of alien. I’m sure it must be much more difficult in Spain, where newcomers are people with only 10 generations of family in town.

    Adding you to my blogroll. All the best.

  2. Hi Rea! I felt the same way as you did for the first three years that I lived in Spain. I was always “la guiri” or “la americana” (and still am), but things got better as more time passed. I’ve enjoyed discovering your blog, btw! And we live fairly darn close to each other.

  3. Hi Rea, I think you’ve had the “lightbulb moment”…

    I discovered many years ago that I could look as …um…”Bohemian” as I wanted IF my kids looked fabulous, spit-shined and fashionable. Way to go!!!

  4. Those commercials drove me NUTS!!! thank goodness they were short lived. And the price of those “designer diapers” WOW!!! a parent could buy 50 yds of flannel and make a billion cloth diapers for the price of a pack of 15. LOL
    Funny though bet the Spanish moms would LOVE them all they need is some pompoms dingling off the bum.

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