It’s 10:00am, do you know where your neighbours are?

Mine are looking a bit rough around the edges.

Famous fashion bloggers don’t pop by my neighbourhood to take photos of stylish men.

I can’t imagine why.

“There is that crazy foreign chick with the camera again.  She is always hanging around.  Just don’t look Jose, keep walking.   Doesn’t she have anything important to do?”

I’m low on wit and cute kid photos today.  So I’ll just show you my hood on a Saturday morning.

Just the guys are out.  I guess the gals are all at home doing their make-up and ironing their kids underwear.



  1. Maybe the more attractive neighbors don’t go out so they don’t run into those other kind. 😉

    So, do people ever ask you why you’re taking all those photos, or do they just look at you funny?

  2. The benefit of being foreign is that you can get away with taking photos and looking stupid. Even thought I have lived in this neighbourhood for 5 years, I am still considered an outsider.

  3. I love the photos, especially the last one. You should ask them questions like “what are you up to” when you take their picture and then add captions! The guy in the sunglasses looks like he is the bodyguard for the other one. 🙂

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