Blowing hot air

A German, a Brit, an Aussie and a Canadian walk into a bar…

Sound like a bad joke?  Well, that was my morning.  And this bar was attached to a soft play area for toddlers complete with gym mats, climbing towers, a ball pool, and…

… hair dryers?

Seriously.  These two hair dryers were plugged into the wall beside the ball pool.  Not near the washroom, where you could perhaps imagine their use  for drying one’s hands, or fluffing up your hair before you returned to your beer.

But beside the ball pool?

FYI, for the non-kid people.  Ball pools don’t contain water, they contain balls.   However, plugging in appliances within splashing distance wouldn’t be advisable regardless.

I was baffled.  Would I be committing a major faux pas if I sauntered over and dried the coffee I just spilt down my front?  Are they some kind of improvised ironing tool to gussy up the kids after extracting them from a bouncy toy?

Five women, four nationalities and not one of us had an explanation for wall mounted hair dryers at indoor playgrounds.   And not one of us had the guts to ask the waitress either.

These things can keep a girl up at night?  What would you do with a hair dryer at a bar/playground establishment?



  1. I’m more concerned about an establishment that is a bar-slash-kid playroom.Are there sloshed parents trying to wrangle their children out of the ball pit; maybe slipping and falling in themselves? That’s what I envision. Must be a European thing. They probably handle their midday alcohol than Americans do.

  2. Funny, I am so used to the mixing family and booze thing that it doesn’t phase me anymore. But yes, it’s coffee in the morning and coctails in the afternoon; kids, Gramma, dog ,everyone present and accounted for. Maybe the dryers are for dog grooming?

  3. I vote improvised star-wars style duels between toddlers. Give them each a hair-dryer, and see who can mess up the other’s look the most in 30s? It’s an educational tool, really. You have to make learning fashion (and fashion-blunders!) fun and interactive!

  4. Oh, Spain. There are so many things I miss, such as a country where children are not just allowed, but welcome (almost) everywhere the adults might want to go. The frequent feeling of complete bafflement. I kind like the idea of dueling hair dryers as part of a kid’s play area.

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