Prime parking

Parking in Algeciras is horrendous.  People squeeze their cars into whatever nook and cranny they can find.  These three must have been pretty proud of themselves to find such a spacious spot…

…Right in the middle of a Y-intersection.  And there’s plenty of room for two or three more!


  1. Yeah, parking is equally horrendous here in Pamplona. I’ve even seen people park on the sidewalk, blocking a crosswalk. And parking “en doble fila” is so normal that no one even thinks about it. 🙂

    1. In Spain there is law in theory and law in practice. In theory, these cars should get a huge fine. In practice, the cops are smoking and drinking coffee and are also usually parked in the middle of a cross-walk.

      1. wow…. good thing is usually you don’t a ticket, right? Bad thing is you can’t find a parking place… haha. Nothing is perfect!
        In Munich, each time we go to downtown, it is always a big problem to find a parking place…even you find one, you can only stay there for 2.5 hrs, otherwise you will definitely get a ticket..I think every year we need to pay around 200 euros fine!!:(

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