These boots were made for walking

Sunday was gorgeous.  About 15 degrees, bright and sunny, but with a brisk breeze to keep you sharp.  By Algeciras standards this means time to bundle up.  The winter boots were out in full force.

Since all the park benches were occupied I was sitting on the curb.  Perfect height for footwear observation.

Not much mountain climbing happening in these boots, or kid chasing for that matter.

I did notice a new trend towards knee coverage.  Keeps the joints warm I guess.

At just 15 degrees you don’t want much gap between your boots and your coat.

Leg warmer/boot combos are also practical in cold weather.

Boots for everyone.

I stared at these for a long time.  Does the under-strap serve a particular purpose?

That inch gap between sole and strap just looks downright dangerous.  What if she suddenly needed to jump a chain link fence?  What if her horse bucked her and she caught that strap on a tree branch? What if a blonde, truck-loving toddler poked a stick in there?

Probably my fears are unwarranted.  Something tells me that only hopping these ladies do is from bar to bar.



  1. I actually quite liked the first ones, rather fancy. But those white ones…ick! I’d like to see that truck loving blonde toddler stick a stick in that strap thingy….oops sorry!
    But then again I have never quite figured out high heeled boots.

  2. I just bought me a pair of these beauties (or something similar):

    Ok… so I’m not likely to win any awards in Spain either! But at least I had warm feet while waiting for the bus at 5 below! Hmm… if you have a similar pair, I wonder how many blogs your picture would get on as you clomped around Algeciras?

  3. I was walking behind someone on Sunday and I said to B ‘I wish we had the camera, Rea would LOVE that shoe/trouser/pram combo’. I see ridiculous footwear and I think of you.

    1. Ya! Bust out the camera and take some great Jimena photos. I’ll pay you a cut of my blog profits. ha ha ha. You can have 50% of all the time I waste taking photos of stupid shoes!

  4. This is great. How come in Toronto people are trying to hang on to summer shoes as long as possible and when I go to Atlanta they are wearing UGGs. It must be more fun to wear boots in places you don’t need them.

    I do love the over the knee boots…are they only for teens and young women do you think?

    p.s. the strap under the boot is to hold your spurs on…did you see her horse parked in the middle of the road?

  5. I always think that the over the knee boots must be terribly uncomfortable. It’s a whole lot of leather wrapped around your leg. I was going to guess the spur thing, but it seemed quite unglamerous for a Spanish woman. Who knew! I need to get out more obviously.

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