Is that a red cape in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

My favorite fashion blogger, The Sartorialist, is still posting shots from his jaunt to Madrid.  Lucky for me, since the rain (and my laziness) hasn’t led to many interesting photos on my camera this week.

So, I’ll poach this great photo of a real Spanish Matador (bullfighter) in his casual look.  No pink socks.  No Mickey Mouse hat.  Just tight woollen flood pants and pin-stripe shirt for doing some dirty work around the ranch.

I would offer witty commentaries on this photo, except I find myself quite distracted by the protrusion on his upper leg.

Best to just leave it at that.

Photo poached from The Sartorialist.



  1. Lmao. What is it with matador pictures? They’re all like that. I’m not buying it. I think that’s a rolled up pair of socks. With pom poms. Great picture, though. Thanks for your post.

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