Hat Envy: My kid is cooler than me.

“I do hats.  Just look at how cute I am.”

“Never mind that it is 15 degrees out.  Here on the Mediterranean coast we have that damp cold.  And wind.  And thin Spanish blood.   A guy has to keep his ears warm.”

“But mostly I ask Mom for my toque because the chicks love it.”

“Check out this photo that Mom took of me the other day in her hat.”

“Mom wears it when she hasn’t showered for three five days.  Unfortunately, she ain’t fooling anyone.

“But, it looks great on me, don’t you think?  I am honing my image and preparing to take my place among stylish, old,  hat-wearing Spanish men.  OK, I’ve got about 70 years to practice,  but I’ll fit right in.

“This is me doing my pensive look.  I think Tommy Hilfiger would be interested.  He does sporty.  Or maybe I’m more of a  European Vogue kind of guy.  Either way, Mom says I better get to work so she can retire in style.”

“But cash or no cash, she will retire out of style!  Ha ha ha!”



  1. Have you ever thought about looking into your son doing modelling? He’s so photogenic and has great facial expressions. I love your humour and photographs, keep up the great blogging 🙂

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