Hair dryer mystery solved! You can sleep peacefully.

Remember my conundrum about the hair dryers next to the toddlers soft play area?  The curiosity was killing me so I had to go back and ask.

It turns out that Mother Teresa was spot on.  They are for drying off sweaty kids before they go outside.  In case they work up a froth in the ball pool.

Because with average daytime temperatures ranging from 16 -30 degrees celsius, you wouldn’t want anyone exposing a damp head to the frigid climate.

(I still think it’s an excuse for the Moms to style up the tykes before hitting the street.)



  1. ha! i can believe it! hernan is super anal about the kids getting a chill especially from sweating i dont think our children have ever been sick from a virus it s always been from the “cambio de temperatura” and culpa de mi! its one of our ongoing disagreements.

    1. I too am amused by this problem, “cambio de temperatura”, especially when we live in a climate where the temperature never varies more than about 5 degrees in one day. When people here complain about “cambio de temperatura” I want to ship them off for one day in Calgary so they can experience -30 and then feel a Chinook blow in and go golfing.

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