Where tacky is a way of life.

People often ask me what Algeciras is like.  They have romantic notions of a beautiful, seaside village beside the Mediterranean.  The truth is closer to a seedy, overgrown port town with a colorful history but a grey personality.  It is so hard to describe.  But the truth of the place reveals itself in the details.

For example,

Algeciras is the kind of place where the city hangs baskets of plastic flowers with turquoise leaves on the lamp posts, but doesn’t fix the lights.

Monday and Wednesday are both holidays in Spain.  So why work Tuesday?  That makes for a five-day long weekend that we just had to take advantage of.  We will be internet free until Wednesday so excuse our cyber-absence.   But yesterday was Rogelio’s 43 birthday and there are tales to be told.

Tune in next week and you’ll find out how I torture my in-laws with crazy cakes and my seating challenged living room.



  1. We have flower baskets too, but with real flowers, and they do fix the lights over here. I guess I’m pretty lucky to live in this part of the country, where everything is reasonably efficient. I almost take it for granted, until we go South for the summer, and then it’s a kind of shock. Enjoy the mega-puente! Over here it started yesterday since the 3rd is a holiday in Navarra as well. December is truly the nothing-gets-done month.

  2. Lol. Thanks for the window into your world. Now happy I’m living in a town with no flowers in December, but functioning lamp posts all year round. Enjoy your holiday, and a happy birthday to Rogelio.

  3. My town here in Cádiz has real flowers instead of plastic ones. In the spring it is especially beautiful when every light post, window, patio and balcony is blooming with geraniums. My family and I have thought about visiting Algeciras but it doesn’t sound as lovely as I’d hoped.

    1. Algeciras has it’s own personality, but it can’t compare to the charm of the pueblos blancos. However, because of the Morrocan community, it has a fascinating market and colorful downtown. It is more third world than postcard Spanish. If you are just in Cadiz, it is worth a day trip.

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