Bums of Cinnamon

I used to have “Buns of Steel”,

But now I have “Buns of Cinnamon”.

Rogelio turned 43 on Friday.  He isn’t keen on the whole birthday idea, except as an excuse to put in a baking request.  Usually he asks for whole wheat cinnamon buns.

When I first introduced him to cinnamon buns his English was pretty sketchy.  He thought they were called cinnamon bums.  I let him think that for a couple of years because it made going to a Canadian bakery with him so amusing.

Is that mean?

Maybe, but it was retaliation.  While I was trying to order chicken (pollo)  in a Spanish restaurant,  he let me order grilled penis (polla).

Made that waiters day.

So, for his birthday, we made a cinnamon bun cake.

First, I make a big pan of whole wheat cinnamon bums buns.

Then I whipped up a bucket of cream cheese icing to paste it all together.  Slap a tea light on top and VOILA!  It turned out like this.

It reminds me of the mashed potato model mountains Richard Dreyfuss made in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

But really, how can you go wrong with cream cheese icing?

It wasn’t pretty, but it tasted damn fine.

And I added another layer to my own personal buns of cinnamon.



  1. I once ordered a McPolla in McDonalds. Very amusing to all the staff and the long queue behind me. Ten years on, I’m not sure whether I’m more embarrassed about ordering a McDick or the fact that I was eating in McDonalds.

    The cinnamon bums look amazing. Can I have the recipe?

  2. Lmao. That mountain of cinnamon buns looks great to me. And no, you weren’t mean. You were bringing joy to the world through laughter. I do that with my friend from Mexico who pronounces “focus” as if it were spelled “fucus.” I’ll tell her some day. 🙂

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