Day of the Immaculate One

Today is a national holiday in Spain.  El Día de la Imaculada.  Day of The Immaculate One.  Of course, that would refer to Mary, mother of Jesus.

Apparently she was free of any hereditary or personal sin.  Squeaky clean.   Stain free.  Immaculate, as they say.

Apparently she didn’t do things like this:

That made her face look like that:

A feast day in honor of Mary’s lack of sin and general hygiene has been celebrated on December 8th for centuries.  However, the facts around her cleanliness were declared Official Dogma by Pope Pius the Ninth on December 8th, 1854.  And thanks to this act of vatican bureaucracy,  Rogelio doesn’t have to go to work today and instead is free to do laundry and wipe Yago’s face.

I never understand the meaning behind these religous holidays but I come to my own assumptions.

  • Religious holiday = Rogelio at home
  • Rogelio at home = Rogelio helping with chores
  • Rogelio doing laundry =  Rea not doing laundry
  • Rea not doing laundry = Happy Rea
  • Happy Rea = Let’s make another smoothie and celebrate El Día de La Immaculada!


  1. Isn’t it great that Rogelio gets the day “off”.. or, is it more that Rea gets the day off? 🙂

    And I suppose that is one problem with Atheism: what days do we celebrate? Where do you put the national holidays? Solar events? Birthday of scientists? Hmm, I kinda like the one about scientist birthdays because there are more and more scientist worth celebrating each year! Pretty soon, work will be a thing of the past (well, except for those of us like Rogelio whose days “off” are otherwise spoken for). 🙂

    1. Mom’s never get the day off, but even a coffee break is appreciated. Celebrating scientist’s birthdays; great idea! But let’s add great artists, writers and thinkers and then we might make up as many holidays as Spain has.

  2. If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Tell Rogelio’s boss that tomorrow is National Sleep In Day and maybe he’ll get another holiday. Love your blog, as always. All the best.

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