Guy Talk

“Hey Yago, what do you think of this bike?”

“As a German speaker, I expect superior engineering to manuever in the Autobahn.  Do you think this little puppy will deliver?”

“Couldn’t say, Dani.  Speed isn’t really my thing.  Being Canadian, I am in the market for something with a bit of extra power in the low gears.   I may need to haul a moose out of the bush.”

“Oh please, Santa Claus.  Does the 2011 Whinny the Pooh car come with winch?”

“I realize that you North American barbarians are into such base pleasures.”

“However, my European sensibilities require something with more streamlined contours.”

“But really, Yago, why are we even having this conversation?  We we both live in Spain.   We spend most of the time circling the block looking for a free bit of sidewalk with room to double park.”


  1. We have lived in both Germany and Canada. You have it exactly right. We still haven’t experienced the “circling” in Spain, but hope to one day soon! Love the blog.

      1. I manage to get a blog post out most days by sacrificing all other brain functioning. Don’t ask me where my car keys are or about the condition of my house.

    1. These are not sissies. These are sensative European men who must protect their delicate skin so it will appropriately absorb self-tanner in what I hope is the VERY distant future.

      1. Oh, got it. Thanks for clearing it up! If they use the self-tanner, we will enjoy those photos for sure. Funny that in climates where people need hats, we don’t want to wear them but in warmer climates, they look like such good fashion statements. Same with boots.

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