1. whats your #, and what email do you use now?
    I forget when your due…..miss ya. we are heading down to Baja for the month of Feb. see the old place, and chillax;) sorry to post personal on the blog…

    1. Ol’ skin head is STILL talking about you guys. Yes, I did the job. Trick is to have two sets of clippers, one for him to play with and one for me. And I did alot at 120km/hour while he slept in the car seat.

  2. Such a great photo… and a great and very grown up haircut. Did you do it yourself? I am in awe if so.

    Apologies if you get this comment twice. It didn’t seem to post the first time.

  3. Hi Rea Enjoying your blogs sooo very much! Beautiful family you have.
    If you don’t remember me, I’m the one you met at your wedding celebrations in French Creek/Linda & Bill”s……cake, roses, figs and that crazy shooting chocolate fountain!!
    Keep well and keep blogging. Happy New Year! Irene

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