Getting into the spirit. Sorta.

At 15 degrees and raining, I find it tough to get into the Christmas spirit.  No crunchy snow, no sleds, no snowman, no spruce boughs.  Not even chesnuts roasting on an open fire.  The beer keg chestnut roasters are all collecting their unemployment checks in the peace of the nearest bar.

I also vowed to not enter a large store between November and January this year.  Not even groceries.  So I haven’t been subjected to ear-splitting Christmas carols on repeat or anxious crowds of consumers.

How does one get into the Christmas spirit without all the usual paraphernalia, including cold climate and short bread cookies?

I had to come up with something.

So I decided on a Christmas tree.  What do you think?

Thanks to my generous Canadian family, it even has some presents under it.  However, it is missing a star.   But we won’t have any trouble finding the ladder to place it on top.


  1. That is the best aka Christmas tree ever! I’m looking disgustedly at my fake 4 footer on a table (to escape the destructive 11 month old). San Diego is so cold this year, and I’m loving it. Might be why it finally feels like Christmas since I moved here.

  2. I’m from California, so Pamplona is plenty cold for me. Excellent tree solution! Very toddler proof. That would work well for my cats as well. We set up ours and they knocked it down almost immediately and broke a lamp. Why did I ever think a rice paper floor lamp and cats were compatible?

  3. It is very toddler proof, as you long as you are the type of Mom who doesn’t sweat having your almost 2 year old standing on top of a ladder all day. My theory is he will get bored of it before he falls off.

  4. You are truly one of a kind Rea, and I’m SURE that is why you are loved so much!!!
    Your “tree” is absolutely AWESOME!!!
    I just finished a book entitled “Half Broken Horses” and the character’s mother always said that Santa was “the Patron saint of Department stores”….all things considered thought you’d appreciate that. Hahahaha
    Merry Christmas Rea and to all of you, I’m sure the card I mailed before my trip will arrive in the New Year.

  5. i agree, its very hard to get into a xmas spirit over here….. even with a proper xmas, and some stickers of a snowman on the window! I would do anything to exchange today´s rain for some snow!!! …. your tree is amazing! very shiny! 🙂

  6. The tree is brilliant. The thing I remember about Christmas in Spain is all the apartments with the stuffed Santa’s climbing up a rope tied to the balcony. No chimneys I guess.

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