Getting girly with the boy

Saturday was a rainy day.  Besides a brief snail hunt, it was an IN day.

What to do, what to do?  What to do with a squirrely toddler in an apartment all day?

Yago solved the problem by digging into an old box of make-up.  He  set straight to work on making us beautiful.

He was fascinated by my demonstration of the lip gloss wand.  But theory is nothing without plenty of practice.

“This is easy Mommy.  It’s just finger painting without the paper.”

“Hey Papi!   Mommy is looking better already!  Now, if we could just get her out of these track pants and into something decent.”

“Now Mommy.  DARLING.   We’ll downplay your pregnancy puffiness by highlighting your cheekbones.  Not sure we have any products that will address these wrinkles, but perhaps some random smears will distract from the issue. “

“And then we’ll highlight our best features by cutting you right out of the picture.  “


  1. Soooo Gorgeous!!!
    Do you remember getting our toes painted by a slightly older Darius??
    He was my pedicurist for quite some time. hahaa
    Heck, I don’t think they call them “makeup artists” for nothing.

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