We Three Bulldozers

Christmas in Spain revolves around the nativity scene.  Although flashing lights and balcony Santas are gaining ground, the main characters are still baby Jesus and company.  Instead of decorating trees, families erect and display elaborate representations of the birth of Jesus.

Oh yes, the Spanish love their nativity scenes.

At Rogelio’s parent’s place, the nativity scene involves flowing water, buckets of sand and hundreds of little figures, trees, buildings, etc.

Rogelio swiped a few left overs from his Dad’s creation to build one with Yago.

I guess you could say that our’s is a working nativity scene.  It is down at floor level and gets played with all day.  I find baby pigs and fake palm trees in every corner of the house.

The most popular inhabitants of our nativity scene are the chickens, who spend their day riding around in the back of dump trucks.

Besides lizards and an ever rotating convoy of heavy equipment, we have lots of animals, plants and various people, whom I suppose are meant to be citizens of Bethlehem.

Now, I remember the story taking place at night in a barn, with no mention of tambourine players, but maybe I missed that part.

I definitely don’t remember “El Caganer”.

“El Caganer?” you ask.

Good question.  You better tune in tomorrow.  You will never look at a nativity scene in the same way again.



  1. It’s so much more fun to play with your nativity scene! Though maybe part of the allure was NOT being allowed to play with it while growing up, lol. I should do this for the kiddos next year.

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