Merry Christmas

I have been working on a couple more posts about Christmas traditions, but alas, I am too busy enjoying the acts themselves to document them here. They will have to wait a couple of days while I continue to stuff my face and play with Yago’s new yellow bus.

More importantly, I want to thank everyone who reads this blog; those who leave comments, those who lurk in the background, absolutely everyone who passes through our blog world.  2010 has been a great year, full of adventures, and we love to share them with you.  Knowing that you are chuckling along with us makes Algeciras’ challenges much more fun.

Next year will be a small one, in big ways.  With a baby due in March we don’t have big plans, but welcoming a new character plus the small routines of multicultural family life should provide plenty of fun and folly.  We hope you will join us in 2011, and forgive me if the posting becomes a bit more erratic.  I will be a bit busy for a while.

So, have a great holiday season, however you celebrate it:  Santa or the Three Kings, turkey or seafood, shortbread or polvorones.  Or maybe like us, a bit of everything.

Merry Christmas,

Love Rea, Rogelio and Yago



  1. Too you guys as well. Good luck in the comming times, and a happpy new year. Yes Rea I will get some photos up soon:)

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