Happy New Year

At first tally, 2010 seemed like an insignificant year, full of diapers and applesauce and all the small, repetitive tasks that mark a stay-at-home Mom’s life.  But after comparing notes with Rogelio I have changed my mind.  I actually have a lot to report personally, besides just keeping the family fed and watered:

  • a trip every month of the year, most often just a long weekend, but including 5 weeks in Canada.
  • turning 40
  • entertaining two sets of Canadian visitors.
  • getting pregnant, (no small feat at 40 with a toddler, when you can hardly remember your husband’s  name, never mind arrange to be naked in the same room together)
  • I started a blog!

Back in April when I started Not So Spanish I assumed my family and a couple of friends would check in the see photos of the kid.  I never would have guessed that eight months later I would report:

  • 189 posts
  • 2,245 hits on my best day

I’m no Perez Hilton but hey, I’m having fun.

So here are links to my most popular posts of 2010.

  • Why I’m Not So Spanish:  Just the classic  “who am I” page, but apparently people are curious about what kind of weirdo dedicates time to photographing ugly shoes.

Gee whizz, this needs an update for 2011.  I have gained 30 pounds since this photo was taken.

Happy New Year!  May 2011 hold just the right mix of peace and adventure.




  1. Rea,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I really try to check in every day to see what’s up. I must confess that I can’t read you before bed anymore because my husband has threatened to ban me to another room because the laughter, tears and incessant shaking of the bed are not conducive to sleeping and I tend to keep him awake afterwards!!! I too used to live in España and have been to Algeciras….no more to explain. It is obvious that you LOVE your husband! Anyway, I shared your blog on my blog, so I hope some of my readers will enjoy your cultural eye as much as I have.
    ¡Buena Suerte! ¡ Feliz Año!

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