The View, (no this ain’t Barbara Walters’ belly)

After a week-long, sick kid lock-down, we packed up all the boogers and ventured to Tarifa yesterday.  Yago was miserable, but the sun was shining.  Some fresh air was in order.  We definitely needed a change of scenery.  Plus, The Strait of Gibraltar with the coast of Africa in the background is my favorite view.

But the problem is, it is getting harder and harder to see, even the entire continent of Africa, past my belly.


  1. I love that pic! Thanks for sharing. We were in that area about this time last week. We drove from Rota to Gibraltar, and I saw those plastic flowers you once mentioned when we stopped in Algeciras!

  2. oh my goddd, I didnt know you were pregnant!! congratulations dear!! Whens the baby due? how are you feeling?? how’s yago? I can see he’s been cutie!! Algeciras finally gave me a reply and they dont want us swimming in there this year! Sorry! I am starting classes in Duquesa which is slightly closer to you, let me know if it suits you at all!
    Hope everything goes well with your pregnancy! Please keep me posted!
    all my love to you all xxxx Nats

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