Carbohydrates Fit For A King

To celebrate the arrival of “Los Reyes” (The Three Kings) , we eat something called Roscon De Reyes.  It’s a traditional sweet bread decorated with candied fruits.  Think big, donut shaped hot cross bun, with a boozy, orange twist.

We usually eat store-bought roscon with Rogelio’s family and I have never been a big fan.  The industrial variety is dry and filled with petroleum product style whip cream, which just ain’t my thing.

So this year I decided it was time to bust out the rum and orange blossom water and take on the roscon. Yes, orange blossom water.  Doesn’t that sound exotic and feminine?  I always have a bottle on hand.  A little in a glass of sparkling water is my fat pregnant lady celebratory drink.

This is the roscon recipe I used.

Instead of the regular yeast routine, it suggested mixing the yeast with milk and flour and leaving it for an hour.  Not sure that the dough rose more than via the regular route, but who am I to argue with directions.  For example, I did not argue with the need for a generous splash of rum in the dough either.

So you make a basic sweet dough, complete with rum, orange blossom water, and the rind of both a lemon and an orange.  Knead it, let it rise, yada, yada yada.

Then you make a big donut shaped blob and let it rise again.

Then, if you are into candied fruit, you brush it with egg yolk and decorate away.  If like me, you are too lazy to stand in line behind a gaggle of noisy old ladies arguing, you improvise.  My roscon is decorated with orange rind and sugar.

Then you hang out beside the oven for 25 minutes.  It was the donut shape that had Rogelio all hot and bothered.  The dude’s an addict.

Then you bust open some Spanish bubbly, because, …What the hell!

I love the wee little bottles of cava you can buy here.  Isn’t that cute?  So civilized.

And then you sit down with the hubby and sip a few real bubbles and then change to sugary bubbles with orange blossom water and before you know it.. ..

This is all the roscon you have left for the big morning.



  1. Lovin’ your blog Rea, you’re such a beautiful writer! Although, look out, I think when we next see you at the ball park we’ll be putting in some serious requests for roscon!

  2. That stuff looks soooo YUMMY!
    I love the idea of “orange blossom water” you are right it does sound girlie. I’ve always felt that way about “rose water”.
    I take it from the 1/4 of that “monsterous dough creation” that it was in fact rather delicious.

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