Top ten reasons I am glad the holidays are FINALLY over


  1. I can use my ladder without tripping over the lights.
  2. No more excuses to eat obsene amounts of white bread.
  3. My mother-in-law will quit slathering everything in mayonnaise, (No, I do not understand the connection between xmas and mayonnaise either.)
  4. I can round-up all the plastic pigs, poopers and tambourine players scattered about the house.
  5. I can enter a grocery store without breaking my Christmas non-shopping resolution.
  6. The neighbours have sent their 250 neanderthal relatives who smoked in front of my door back to whatever “pueblo” they crawled out of.
  7. Fewer social events equals more pyjama days.
  8. The accordion players have all gone home.
  9. Great garbage picking and recycling bin scavaging after the gift-giving season.
  10. The explosions are finally tapering off.


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