What I’ll be wearing in 358 days

Damn.   New Year’s Eve has come and gone and I just found the perfect outfit.  Even the most staid and fashion challenged of us really should try to sparkle things up a bit to ring in the new year.  A few sequins maybe.  Show a little leg.

And top it off with a purple, sequined, butterfly head-band.

It will work perfectly for distracting baby during diaper changes.  I think of it as a headlamp style baby-mobile.  Does it play “Twinkle Twinkle?”



  1. You crack me up… literally. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! I also think you might have come up with a brilliant idea for diaper changes!

  2. You will be pleased to know that my sister-in-law, in boonieville Ontario, bought one of those things, just in black and unfortunately without the headband stunner, to wear to the New Year’s eve party that was going to be held in the community centre of her village. Said village has about 200 people in it tops, all of whom, presumably, turned out to the big event. Not sure this was the right outfit to make it through the snowbanks to even get to the community centre, but there you go. If you’re fashion-conscious of some sort or other, you do what it takes.

    And as much as it pains me, I should also point out that she bought it locally, and in fact has never been to Spain.

    My husband, her brother, almost fell over dead when she showed off her new purchase just as we were going to leave to go back to the safety of our own town.

    1. Thank goodness for people like your sister, otherwise those of us from booneyville places in Canada would neverhave anything to talk about. It might look quite funky with snowmobile boots and earmuffs.

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