May I interrupt your interruption?

You know what I love most about raising Yago in Spain?  No, it isn’t the weather or cheap wine, although I do appreciate both.

In Spain you can take your kids anywhere at anytime.  Day or night, no one would dream of leaving their kids at home.  We can go to a busy bar and instead of worrying that Yago may annoy the other patrons, we worry they might take him home.  People try to lure him to their table with bits of bread and their car keys.

Besides, you don’t find people in Spanish bars having intimate conversations.  Interruptions are not an issue.  Interruptions are the basis of conversation.

And Yago is a Spanish baby.  He loves to sit at the table having long passionate discussions while picking away at some tapas.

Like these boquerones (fried anchovies with roasted pepper salad.)  Yum, but don’t let them remind you of this.

Spanish Dad:  “Well son, let me tell you two things.  When I was your age… yada yada yada…..   more yada yada yada……”

Polite Canadian kid“Excuse me Dad, if you just let me squeeze a word in here….. I appreciate your stories.  However, I’ve been reading some psychology books and they suggest that listening to your children is important to developing healthy self-esteem.  According to the experts, we all need our sense of self validated by others who pay genuine attention to our expressed thoughts and feelings. “

Spanish Dad with Canadian wife: ” Listening?  Well son, that just isn’t something we do in Spain.  We just talk louder and louder, all at the same time, and then order another round.  But I’m a sensitive, modern man and open to new ideas.  Your Mom didn’t marry me just for my wine pairing ability, you know.  This listening idea does seem odd and quite inefficient, but I suppose we could give it a try.”

Very intelligent Spanish Dad:  “Perhaps we should consult your Mother.  She’s from the left west coast of Canada.  You know, tree hugging, whale watching, that sort of thing.  Apparently they are big on that listening stuff over there.

Kid:  “Hey Mommy!  Were you LISTENING to us?”

Hubby:  “See son, I told you she would have heard of it!”



  1. You know the funniest thing about this post? Rogelio just didn’t get it. I tried to explain it to him but I got the deer in the headlights stare. Thank goodness he is a good sport. Humor does not translate well.

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