Prizes Prizes Prizes

Well, fun seekers, I know this is what you have been waiting to hear…

It’s time for the baby pool!  Since all non-pregnant people love to apply their expertise in predicting who will be arriving when, we best open this game up to the whole internet universe.

And to entice you into participation, here are the prizes:

  • First Prize.  The opportunity to get to Algeciras on your own dime and change the first meconium filled diaper that the little tyke produces.  Unlimited wet wipes included.  (Can’t say I’m not a generous soul)
  • Second prize:  You get to watch the first prize winner in action.

So now, with that bait dangling in front of you, here are the rules:

In the comments section of this post, leave your best guess for sex and birth date of the baby.  With Yago we did weight as well, but that was far too complicated since Canadians refuse to use metric like the rest of the civilized world and I had to do a bunch of mathematical conversions.  Be sure to also leave an email address so I can contact the winner and suggest an airline so you can come pick up your poopy diaper prize.

For those of you who are not Spanish grandmothers, in tune with the universe’s more subtle signals,  I’ll provide some hints:

  • Regarding arrival date: My official due date is March 15th
  • Regarding sex:

Now, this is where things get tricky.  In Spain they say that if the mother has that wonderful pregnancy glow, it is a boy. If she looks like she has been dragged under a bus for nine months, it is a girl.  My neighbours are mostly keeping quiet about my appearance and my mother-in-law says I look fat.  Interpret that as you will.

People In Algeciras also say that if the whales are swimming from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean it is a boy, and if they are swimming the other direction it is a girl.  I haven’t noticed any abnormal whale activity recently but there is a whale watching company based in the port if you figure some insider information will get you closer to that poopy prize.

And lastly, to all my friends with connections to the Gibraltar on-line gaming industry, what kind of percentage should I be working here and do I need to declare it on my income tax?

Leave your guess in the comments!



  1. My vote: Monday, February 14th at 6:30pm and it will be a BOY!

    PS. I notice that you have alot on your Facebook page too… hope you can keep track because I want to be there for the first poopy diapers.

  2. Girl – March 16.

    Good luck to me (to win) and to you (for an easy and healthy birth).

    If the whales predict the sex, does that mean everyone in Spain has the same sex child that month?

    1. ….ahhhh…and I completely forgot…can I have Yago when I win?!?!?! Or the first exemplar of your book + signed with a dedication 😉

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