Why I cannot take my husband to Canada in January

“Come on Papi!  Just put your toes in.  The water is great!”

“Hell no, kid.  It’s only 20 degrees out.  And look at me, risking my health in short sleeves.  Your Mother already forced me to take off my black polar fleece.  I’ll catch a cold for sure.”

“Papi, the common cold is actually a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract.  Contrary to what your mother taught you, it is transmitted by saliva and nasal secretions, not damp feet.”

“That’s what you crazy foreigners say.  But we Spanish folk know that you should never get your feet wet in months that don’t start with A U G U S T.  You don’t eat melon in the evening and you certainly don’t start the day without chocolate milk.  That would be taking your life into your hands.”

SHeeeeesh! What am I going to do with this kid?  Get my feet wet, indeed.  Next thing you know he is going to suggest we hunt beavers, or go to a tractor pull, or some other life threatening, Canadian behavior.”

“Don’t worry Mommy.  A few more pancakes and I’ll be big enough throw him in the water, wool socks and all.”


  1. Oh, what cunning international struggles you all face in Spain! And what a wonderful thing to be able to read about it! Awesome. 🙂

  2. Ja ja jee jee. Sí, this is also my life, and the sad thing is that 23 years in la USA, two masters degrees and concrete data from scientific research are not enough to convince MY husband that the heat in the bedroom doesn’t need to be set at 72 degrees in the Winter! LOVE the post! ¡Bravo!

  3. Jajajaja, siempre discuto con Alfonso por lo mismo!! Se lo intento explicar pero no me hae caso, sigue pensando que se resfria por el frio…aaaayyy que desesperación! Creo que yo estaria mas integrada en la cultura Canadiense que en la Algecireña!

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