Trade Guzzy for a Garden

To be honest, it hasn’t been an obsession with the name José that has been holding Rogelio back on the baby name front.  But there is nothing like slagging your hubby on the internet to get him moving.

He has been searching for a name that is particularly meaningful for us.  Something that resonates with our journey together.  Since Yago is named for Santiago, our favorite place in the north, we both hoped to find a name related to Tarifa, our favorite southern place and where we got married.

Rogelio suggested “Guzmán“.

“Guzmán the Good” is known as the defender of Tarifa.  His origins are a tad murky.  There is some evidence that he himself was from Morocco.  His loyalties were definitely questionable.

In 1296 he fought off the Moors  and saved the castle of Tarifa.  Legend has it that the attackers threatened to kill Guzmán’s son if he didn’t surrender the castle.  Guzman gave them a knife and told them to go for it.  He was rewarded with a nice chunk of land; a good trade for the kid’s life.

As much as we would love a garden, I don’t think “little Guzzy” holds the sentiment Rogelio is after.



  1. I really like Jose. It has a nice round sound! And does go with so many second names!! maybe there is someone in the family who would be thrilled to have a baby named for them!! If you haven’t any memories of Jose to relate to maybe you could check out San Jose.. looks like an interesting spot geologically!! You could create some memories to go with the name!!

  2. I never knew that detail regarding Guzman’s son! Oh, dear. Some boy’s names in Spanish that I like are Iván, Nicolás, Mateo and Darío in case you are still taking suggestions. Love your blog!!

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