Did baby Jesus have an EU regulation carseat?

If you are in the market for baby gear in Algeciras you should check out Chiquitins.

Seriously.  They are the nicest shop keepers I have ever come across.  You will find three generations of the same family working there.  They have been in business for 81 years.  I bought two things there, over two years ago, but they remember and greet us with genuine air-kisses and a balloon for Yago.

They also gave me this handy-dandy address/info book.

I probably don’t have to translate “Articulos para el Bebé y Imagenes Religiosas” for you.  Yup. Carseats and ceramic saints.  That is their niche market.

Maybe you aren’t in the market for a crib, but perhaps it’s time to update your Catholic alter.  Chiquitins is still the place.

The little book doesn’t tell you anything about car seat regulations or how to choose a plastic potty, but it does contain good stuff like:

Telephone prefixes by province and what the people of each city are called.  This is handy for me, because they aren’t necessarily intuitive. I would never guess that a “Onubense” hails from Huelva or a “Segedano” was born in Zafra.

Maybe while out shopping, you have a desperate need to know the surface area of each province.  Could happen.  Rogelio, my fact-o-phile hubby, loves this page.

But most importantly, the first page is a list of all the saints and their special days!  Today is Saint Timoteo.  And I always thought it was a shampoo.  See?  Cleared up that little issue.  Darn good thing I checked the book.

Gold plated or painted?  Life size head of adult Christ or prone baby available in four sizes?

I find the display of figurines quite boggling, even with the handy info book.  But the friendly folks at Chiquitins will clear up any doubts you have.


  1. …the saint page would be very useful if you want to live in Poland, where I am from, as in Poland you do not celebrate your birthday, but your saint day…mine was on the 21st of January 😉

  2. What a hoot! Thanks so much for the pictures. I love quirky shops like this. Let’s see. . . . My vote is painted and as small as possible. Hope all is well with you, and you’re getting lots of foot rubs. All the best.

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